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Okanagan Buddhist Cultural Centre

135 Mugford Rd, Kelowna, BC, V1X 2E3, CANADA.
(250) 864-2799

In 2010, Venerable Thích Pháp Hòa was invited to visit Kelowna by a Buddhist family. He attended, and ever since, Buddhists in the area wished that the Master would come back to teach and guide their Buddhist practise. As fate would have it, he returned in 2011, coming monthly and hosting activities temporarily at a Taiwanese temple.

In 2015, Venerable Thầy Pháp Hòa began campaigning for donations. He also got loan from banks so that he could purchase the land needed to construct a peaceful temple. A place for weekly activities for the Vietnamese community, and for those interested in the Buddha’s teachings.

In the past, the building that is now Tay Truc Temple, used to house a Catholic Church. It was constructed in 1933 and operated until it became vacant in 1958. Kelowna City Council was looking for a use for the derelict church, and they decided to redistribute the site to the Vietnamese Buddhist Community, under the conditions that the operations be a religious establishment, and that the structure of the church remain intact, as the building is a part of the cultural heritage of the Okanagan region.

It took five years and many challenges to get from the site’s title transfer to completing all the construction paperwork. Finally in May 2020 Construction began, but the challenges did not end. The old church was located too close to the road, so workers had to dig the foundation and move the building. They also added two new annexes, one to each side.

Nowadays, the locals and press are very welcoming to the presence of the temple. Different media outlets have come to do interviews and report on the doings of the temple. Local people are also pleased and have kind words to say. In February 2022, Tay Truc Temple was awarded by The Central Okanagan Heritage Society for the “Conservation project on a heritage building currently in non-residential use” that has recently undergone an exterior and/or rehabilitation. The high standards, innovation and commitment to heritage conservation are being recognized.

Today, together with the old site, the efforts and strong spirits of the Buddhists here, we are pleased to rebuild a place where we can practise together. Hopefully the local Buddhists can arrange times to come and help and practise. And the local people will have the responsibility to care of, to preserve and develop the temple.

Everyone has bad and broken sides, so its essential that we know how to fix them up nicely.

Live without harming yourself.

Live without harming others.

Live without harming society.

If we can live like this, we already live in the Buddha dharmas.


Our Name

The temple name: "Tây Trúc" means bamboo grove in Vietnamese; it refers to "the famous bamboo grove near Rajagriha where the Buddha regularly stayed and gave teachings. It was situated on land donated by King Bimbisara of Magadha and, as such, was the first of several landholdings donated to the Buddhist community during the time of the Buddha."

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