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Mausoleum in Westlock Meditation Centre


Cemetery in Glenwood Memorial Gardens

58012 Range Rd 270, Busby, AB, CANADA

52356 Range Road 232, Sherwood Park, AB, CANADA

Our Mausoleum is located on site near the entrance of Westlock Meditation Centre. 

Colloquially known by the Sangha as "The Ancestor Hall", the Mausoleum features a 49' Amitabha Buddha Statue overlooking the Lake and all of Westlock Meditation Centre.​ There are over 200 units available to house loved ones who have passed away, and weekly prayer services are performed onsite by the monastics of Trúc Lâm Monastery.

Glenwood Memorial Gardens services  200 cemetery lots acquired back in 1995 by the Edmonton Buddhist Research Institute. These lots were originally acquired and dedicated for the members of the Vietnamese Community.


Mausoleum (The Ancestor Hall)

Cemetery (Glenwood Memorial Gardens)
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