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Virtual Practice Centre

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha!


Welcome to our online practice centre! Edmonton Buddhist Research Institute has put compiled these resources to help you manifest your boat to the other shore!

We wholeheartedly wish you peace on your journey and welcome you to reach out at anytime if you need help with finding any resources.

Namo Buddhaya

The Four Noble Truths abbreviated in Pali

  • Dukkha (suffering)

  • Samudaya (suffering has a cause)

  • Nirodha (suffering can be ceased)

  • Magga (the way is The Noble Eightfold Middle Path)

Buddhism is sometimes misunderstood as being a pessimistic religion. This is because it speaks of the suffering in life. This misunderstanding comes from failure to see the Four Noble Truths in it's entirety. It is not that Buddhism declares that all life is suffering, but rather, life without right perception (unenlightened life) causes much suffering. Although there is suffering, there is also a way out of suffering, which is what the Four Noble Truths describe. They must be taken together as four, and not by any one.

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