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Westlock Meditation Centre

58012 Range Rd 270, Busby, AB, T0G 0H0, CANADA.
(780) 801-2820

Every year, practitioners from all over the world travel to Truc Lam Monastery to attend retreats and cultural events. Eventually, as our events became more popular, we longer had enough space for classes and accommodation. In response, Edmonton Buddhist Research Institute found a very suitable land in the town of Westlock, Alberta - about 50km northwest of Edmonton. Through the much hard and loving work of our donors and volunteers, Westlock Meditation Centre, has been transformed beautifully and features multiple facilities and gardens that can accommodate over 750 guests.

Facilities of Westlock Meditation Centre:

Main Hall - Formal Meditation Hall with an accommodation hall in the lower level. The large accomodation hall in the basement has enough beds for up 197 guests.

Monastic Residence - Accommodations for Monastics with a commercial kitchen. The monastic residence has 8 bedrooms and 1 large accomodation hall. In total, the monastic residence is capable of accomodating for up to 147 Monks and Nuns.

Nuns Residence - The first facility to have ever existed on the land. The nuns residence is reserved for guest nuns and features its own separate kitchen.

Lotus Hall - Formal Lunch Hall with two connected guest accommodation wings (Solidity Residence & Freedom Residence)

Solidity Residence & Freedom Residence - Two accomodation wings attached to the back of the Lotus Hall. Both accomodation wings contain 24 rooms and can accomodate between 96 to 120 guests for a total of 48 rooms and a capacity for 240 guests.

Retreatant Residences - Two accomodation wings consisting of 30 rooms, 2 dormitory halls, and 4 laundry rooms, that are only used during the annual short term monastic retreat. The first accomodation wing, called Khánh Anh, has a total of 20 rooms with the capacity for 80 retreatants, and two laundry rooms. The second accomodation wing, called Khánh Hòa, has a total of 10 rooms, and 2 dormitories, with a total capacity of 88 retreatants, and two laundry rooms.

Ancestor Hall - A Mausoleum with a 49ft tall Amitabha statue and weekly services


Main Hall

The Main Hall is a two-level facility and is the focal point of most formal activities at Westlock Meditation Centre. ​A Meditation Hall featuring a large statue of Shakyamuni Buddha and is located on the Upper Level. The Lower Level of the Main hall includes a large Accommodations Hall that can fit over 200 guests.​Some of the programs regularly scheduled in the Meditation Hall include: Sutra Text Reading and Chanting, Dharma Classes, Dharma Talks and Sharing, and Sitting or Walking Meditation.


Lotus Hall

The Lotus Hall is a multi-purpose facility that has been used in the past to host Buddhist Art Galleries, Pop-Up Giftshops, Registration Office for Retreats, Formal Lunch Ceremonies, and Various Retreat Activities. The back of the Lotus Hall extends out and features two accommodation wings capable of housing a combined 400+ guests during retreats. Each room includes two bunkbeds and every two rooms share a bathroom with a shower.

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Ancestor Hall

The Ancestor Hall is a Mausoleum featuring a 49' Amitabha Buddha Statue overlooking the Lake and all of Westlock Meditation Centre.​There are over 200 units available to house loved ones who have passed away, and weekly prayer services are performed onsite by the monastics of Trúc Lâm Monastery.

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